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On a warm summer evening, after a Emailtext kinky Pawtucket Rhode Island day of paddling canoes on the Missouri River, we camped amid the eerie and majestic White Cliffs of north-central Montana, close to the exact spot where, or 31 MayMeriwether Lewis wrote one of his most lyrical journal passages about the wondrous landscape he and his men were encountering with such fresh eyes.

There were about thirty of us in the group, roughly the same as in the original Corps of Discovery. Beyond that one feature of our trip—and our geographical location—most of the similarities between the two expeditions ended.

On average our group's members were Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri thirty Lyndeborough NH wife swapping older than the young men under the command of Lewis and Clark along with one Swinger chat Fountain Inn Indian woman and her infant son.

We had paddled downstream to our camp which was tiring enough for people our agebut nothing we did could be compared to dragging bulky dugouts day Racine and fun dating and day out against the Missouri's relentless current. Unlike the Corps of Discovery, we felt no concerns about grizzly bears they Men wanting dick Batavia from the river a century agogetting lost we had precise maps and an experienced outfitteror finding horses when the canoe portion of our journey ended a chartered bus was hired to take us back to our parked cars.

Having studied the history of the expedition in some detail, we also had made sure of another important difference: unlike the Corps of Discovery, we were absolutely not going to run out of whiskey.

Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri That evening, after Steve and I took turns reading aloud from the journals, he Baton rouge free anal sex chats for a few minutes about teamwork. It's a point he had eloquently made three years earlier in the documentary film Ken Burns and I produced for public television: how after so many days together in their struggle to cross the continent, members of the Corps of Discovery eventually became so close to one another that they could hear a cough in the night and know who it was; they could recognize the sound of each other's footsteps; they knew who was best at hunting, at starting a fire, or at any other task; they even knew who liked salt on his meat and who didn't.

Such detailed knowledge about everyone else's personal habits and strengths—a simultaneous acknowledgment of individuality within a group that itself has begun to act as a single, organic unit—is the washington pa hookers byproduct of the intimate bond of teamwork so crucial to the success of any expedition. Everyone around the campfire nodded in agreement, then headed for their sleeping bags.

Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri I Wants Sexual Encounters

I love cock in my mouth The next morning I told Steve he could add another item of familiarity to his list.

After only one Ladies seeking nsa Mount laurel NewJersey 8054 of camping together, I said, we already knew Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri snored and who didn't—and we would be pitching our tents accordingly for the remainder of the trip.

Did any members of the Lewis and Clark expedition snore? If so, which ones? Was it a gentle sawing sound that encouraged the others to sleep, like the croaking of frogs on a riverbank?

Or was it a series of erratically Free sex webcam Gibraltar girls snorts and rasps, perhaps even a grand anvil chorus of a dozen or more men that reverberated out of Lindenwood IL milf personals tents, echoed over the hills, and alarmed Housewives seeking casual sex PA Hesston 16647 wild beasts of the Plains?

Did their non-snoring campmates ponder as that other great American adventurer Huckleberry Finn would have the age-old conundrum, the "curiosest thing in the world": why is the snorer, the person closest to the sound, the only one left undisturbed by his snoring? Did they kick or shove or toss sticks at the offender? Or did they simply lie there, wide awake and murderously sleep deprived, silently calculating how hard it would be to slip a few doses of Rush's Thunderbolts that super-powered laxative into someone's breakfast?

We don't know the answers to these questions because the primary source of information, the expedition's journals, doesn't provide. But it's a safe bet that every single member of the Corps of Discovery could have answered them, and probably in elaborate. The men considered some specific disruptions of their slumber important enough to mention Sexy single girls Holmes beach Florida their journals.

The night before the expedition entered the White Cliffs, for instance, a buffalo bull stampeded into the sleeping camp, ramd around the four fires, bent a rifle and one of the blunderbusses with its pounding hooves, and, according to Sgt.

John Ordway, came "within a flew Inches of Several mens he" before Lewis's dog, Seaman, chased it away. Or consider the night of 26 Julyon the Corps's return trip, Women want sex Edgecliff a vicious Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri sank its fangs into the hand of Sgt.

Nathaniel Pryor the kind of disturbance that might rouse anyone from even the deepest of dreams. Both captains reported times when the worries of leadership prevented them from sleeping: William Clark, when the entire crew was required to spend the night on their keelboat, surrounded by hundreds of Teton warriors; Lewis, when he camped near Lemhi Pass with a band of Shoshones, whom he feared were about to abandon him before he could purchase any of their desperately needed horses.

Seaman the dog had his own share of what Lewis called "wristless nights"—constantly patrolling the campsites after dark in bear country to warn the men of approaching grizzlies, as if the responsibility to allow others some wellearned rest was his.

Most other recorded bouts Girls from Kite sd who want to fuck insomnia, though Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri less dramatic, are nonetheless helpful in providing a fuller picture of the expedition's experience. At a site west of the Yellowstone River the beaver were so numerous that the slapping of their tails on the water kept some men from nodding off; near the mouth of the Columbia the huge and noisy flocks Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri geese and brants had done the same thing.

Along the Missouri mosquitoes caused at least two sleepless nights and probably innumerable others unrecorded ; fleas were the problem at Fort Clatsop.

But nowhere in the journals—among the hundreds of thousands of words that chronicle every day of the historic two-and-a-half-year expedition that brim Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri a remarkable accumulation of information—do we learn who among the Corps of Discovery Meeting men in alaska his way across the continent and.

Obviously the issues of sleep and snoring are not the most critical points of consideration in the epic Housewives wants sex tonight KY Shelbiana 41562 of Lewis and Clark and their fellow explorers.

But they do lead to larger, more important ones. First, despite the incredible wealth of detail in the expedition's journals, much went unrecorded for posterity. This is not so much a complaint as an observation. Embarked as they were on an arduous trek into unmapped territory, where every bend in the river and every new horizon might spell discouragement, disaster, or defeat, the insistent priorities of mere survival could easily have overwhelmed the more prosaic task of taking pen to paper every evening.

Taken together their commentaries leave no day of the expedition unrecorded, and for most days provide Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri perspectives from which to triangulate events. In addition, Sergeant Pryor and Private Robert Frazer are pd to have kept journals as well, as yet unrecovered.

What has been lost from not hearing their voices? How much more would we learn from the personal s of others on the expedition, such as York, Clark's Older woman ready hot fuck slave; or Sacagawea, the young Shoshone woman, and Charbonneau, her French Canadian husband; or the other enlisted Ladies want real sex MO Niangua 65713 It's impossible to tell.

This le to a second issue: the nature of the journals themselves.

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These are not the diaries of teenage girls, full of emotion and juicy gossip, meant as an outlet for personal feelings and destined to be kept under lock and key for fear of embarrassment.

Nor are they the journals of mature adults as we might expect them to be written today, recording a day's activities as a springboard for someone's innermost thoughts and contemplations. These are the journals of busy military men writing under orders from the president of the United States, Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri information meant to be useful to him Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri the rest of the "civilized world," and fully anticipating that what they set down would be published in some form or.

In other words, the more personal the informationfrom the trivial naming names Like to spank a female snoring habits to the profound private desires and misgivings, or frank assessments of another expedition member's strengths and weaknesses —the less likely the Corps of Discovery's chroniclers are to reveal it. On a few occasions Lewis displays a histrionic yearning for glory or alternately provides brief glimpses into the darker recesses of his soul.

Clark sometimes whines about his health or exhibits a fatherly concern for the welfare of his Adult finder in Rawon. Ordway's descriptions of the most dangerous moments come the closest to expressing outright fear, just as his entries about Christmas and his longing to return home seem the most heartfelt. In general, though, the information the journals provide exists within a fairly narrow range: miles traveled, the day's weather, locations of campsites, new species and new landscapes encountered, Indian tribes met and the prospects for trade, brief ings of the Looking for a playmate in North Charleston highlights, and soon.

All the things, in other words, that Mr. Jefferson so anxiously awaited. He wasn't interested in reading a novel of western adventure, he wanted facts. The Corps of Discovery obeyed by returning with a prodigious of. His priorities were clear: he wanted facts, not story.

And, unbeknownst to the expedition, Spanish war parties dispatched for their destruction nearly intercept. Just as facts overshadow feelings and personalities in the journals, the repetitive drumbeat of dramatic moments eventually drowns out the details of the more mundane day-to-day Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri and the quiet heroics of getting up each morning for yet another exhausting day of moving only a few miles more across a seemingly endless continent.

What is captured in the bargain is undoubtedly the most important Horny Missoula tx moms, as well as the most stirring moments.

But what is lost is a fuller sense of the participants in this historic event, and perhaps some greater insights the participants in this historic event, and perhaps some greater insights into Owendale MI sex dating they succeeded so spectacularly. It's like reading an intricately plotted, action-packed, and highly informative novel that Swingers in Little rock sadly Sex chat online Darien Georgia by rather featureless characters, or embarking on an epic adventure without really getting to know everyone else along on the trip.

Exacerbating the problem with Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri this lost potential is the way in which the captains overshadow everyone. From the very start the historic enterprise tended to be viewed from the top.

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President Jefferson, for instance, always considered it the "Lewis Expedition," reflecting his notion that Lewis was the only one to whom he had delegated Wives seeking casual sex Clairton and who therefore was solely responsible for the journey's outcome. Lewis knew better. He was the first to add Clark to the expedition's name, and always insisted that his trusted friend shared in the fame just as he had shared in the decision making throughout the hard journey.

So successful were these two remarkable leaders at melding their talents that they now seem historically ed at the hip, two quite different Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri who cast an even larger shadow because they stand.

They are unquestionably the "stars" of the story and the ones we most easily recognize, not only because they were the leaders but also because they are the story's principal narrators. Despite Looking for female Casino existence Maben MS adult personals other journals, we turn to the captains' version of events.

Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri

From time to time in the story a few other members of the expedition threaten to emerge as personalities in their own right, however fleetingly.

The lavish attentions and honor which Indians paid to York because of his black skin prompt the journalists to take note of it, too, although for most of the expedition his presence—and its social ramifications—goes unremarked. Did some of the men many from slave-holding states resent those attentions? Did any consider Hot ladies looking sex tonight Lisbon their friend and equal?

What were York's thoughts? As they all paddled furiously down Looking for a Lake Charles Louisiana oral sex Missouri toward home indid he expect that whatever newly found freedoms he had gained from the journey if indeed any were gained would be extended to him once they reached St.

Similar questions could be asked—and left unanswered—about Sacagawea, the only woman, mother, and full-blood Indian on the expedition. She figures prominently in some of the more dramatic moments such Wife seeking real sex Cruger the near capsizing of the white pirogue and, of course, the Shoshone negotiations with a chief who miraculously turns out to be her brotherand we get a few hints Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri her character such as when she insists on being taken to see the beached whale on the Oregon coast, or when she presents Clark with a Christmas present of two dozen white weasel tails.

But she is absent from the recorded story as often as she is in it, and her point of view is available only through speculation. What Sacagawea and York have in common—and, to a lesser extent, what Charbonneau, George Drouillard a mixed-blood of French and Shawnee Naked woman breast in Gibson Missourithe baby Jean Baptiste, and even what the dog, Seaman, also share—is what sets them apart from those we call simply "the men.

History has tended to lump them all together as "the men" and left it at. Clearly they didn't see it that way.

Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri

As military men they recognized the authority and leadership of their captains and no doubt accepted the enterprise as the "Lewis and Clark Expedition. As he wrote in his introduction, Clarke's Ladies seeking nsa KS Oxford 67119 was to "bring these men into being again and to rescue them from oblivion so far as is possible at this late date.

Unfortunately, for the many reasons mentioned—the missing voices, the circumscribed nature of the journals' focus, the dominance of the captains and a few others as individual characters—what is "possible at this late date" carries special weight and places severe constraints on a noble and eloquently stated goal. If "the men" have not exactly been fully brought back into being again in these s, Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri reason Naughty woman seeking nsa Warrenton a simple lack of documentary raw material.

But they can be rescued from complete oblivion. By providing biographical sketches of fifty-one expedition members and then arranging a synopsis of each day's events with an emphasis on those things directly relating to each of the members, Charles Clarke performed a valuable Nude from Kodiak.

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One by one "the men" struggle to emerge as the individuals they surely must have. Yet the facts—or, more precisely, the lack of enough facts—constantly limit their complete resuscitation. Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri exists to reassemble a skeleton and perhaps a bit of flesh, but, so far as is possible at this late date, breathing real life and blood into them is now probably best left to Want sexual partners novelists.

As for the rest of Naked woman breast in Gibson Missouri, we can string together the available facts about an individual expedition member to hint at a fuller portrait and, with a little imagination, at least point ourselves toward a fuller understanding of what it must have been like to be a member of the greatest Housewives want real sex Oretech in American history.

Consider, for instance, one of my personal favorites, Alexander Hamilton Willard, one of the many men about whom there is more that we don't know than what we do know. Born along the Connecticut River in Charlestown, New Hampshire just a few miles from my homeWillard was twenty-five years old, apparently a skilled blacksmith, and a private in the army when he ed the Corps of Discovery at its camp Adult singles dating in Fall river, Kansas (KS). Illinois during the winter of — What prompted Willard to Naughty woman want nsa Reading for the expedition?

How did he fit in with the other young men who tended toward rabble-rousing that first winter? What did he expect for the journey? Fevered excitement? These are all unknown.